Are Mets fans obnoxious?


Last night during the Phillies broadcast , the announcer for the Philadelphia team, Larry Anderson took issue with the “noise” the Mets fans make at away stadiums.

The exchange went as follows;

“I’ll take the Nationals fans over the Mets fans,” Andersen said on air.

“Why’s that?” Phils radio play-by-play man Scott Franzke asked.

“They’re just obnoxious,” Andersen said.

Sounds like a person just fed up with watching his own team get overrun by a passionate fan base. The Mets fans have been out in droves this year in away stadiums. Going as far as to be led by “The 7 Line army” into organized events at away ballparks. Fans have been chanting loud, and showing their appreciation for this Metropolitan ball club no matter where they have been playing and rightfully so, this team is legit.

Going back to the opinion of the Mets fan base being obnoxious, especially coming from a Philadelphia announcer seems to be a bit of a laughable thought upon itself. Philadelphia fans have a reputation of being some of the most obnoxious in sports today. Mets fans are just excited, and finally able to be proud again that they can go out to an away stadium and wear their Matt Harvey jersey with pride. It’s about time. As long as you are respectful, and aren’t out looking for a fight and just enjoying a ball game with a few “Let’s Go Mets” chants so be it, enjoy yourself and keep rooting for the “home” team.



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