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We Run This City


It’s almost September 1st, the back pages are filled with the smiling faces of returning captain David Wright, the pumped up Daniel Murphy, the lovely locks of #48, Jacob deGrom. Most importantly though the back pages are filled with winning New York Mets baseball.

The Mets are a hot topic right now. New York sports radio, ESPN, MLB network, wherever you look, there they are being talked about and for once not in a joking manner. This team has arrived. They have taken over New York it seems, as they have surprised, exhilarated and rejuvenated a starving fan base. This team is for real.

When they are down, they are not truly down, and we are just wondering who and when the come back will be complete to win the game. When is the last time you could say there was such a confidence about this team?

Fans are still scared and rightfully so of a collapse that could possibly be ala 2007, 2008. These Mets though are not those Mets. This is a young team with the right amount of veterans mixed in to make an impact in the 2015 post-season. Let’s enjoy the ride, because it seems like its just getting started as we head into serious September baseball for the first time in almost a decade.


Game 128 – Mets (71-56) vs Red Sox (58-69)


For the first time since 2009 the Boston Red Sox head to Citi Field to take on the New York Metropolitans.

The Red Sox may not be having the best year to say the least, as they sit in the cellar in the AL East in what has been a disappointing season for the team from bean town. Anytime the Red Sox come to town it brings a certain buzz to Queens. Of course first thought goes to 1986, Mookie Wilson, Billy Bucker etc…

Regardless of how the Red Sox have performed this year they still bring in a formidable team with plenty of threats. The Mets are riding high on an 8 game winning streak and hope to continue that success back over to Citi Field where a Dark Knight will rise once more as Matt Harvey (11-7, 2.57 ERA) is opposed by young gun, Henry Owens (2-1, 4.50 ERA)

Tonight’s line-up are as follows:

Mets Red Sox
1. Juan Lagares CF 1. Mookie Betts CF
2. Curtis Granderson RF 2. Pablo Sandoval 3B
3. Yoenis Cespedes LF 3. Xander Bogaerts SS
4. David Wright 3B 4. David Ortiz 1B
5. Michael Cuddyer 1B 5. Hanley Ramirez LF
6. Wilmer Flores 2B 6. Brock Holt 2B
7. Travis d’Arnaud C 7. Rusney Castillo RF
8. Ruben Tejada SS 8. Blake Swihart C
9. Matt Harvey RHP 9. Henry Owens LHP

The Comeback Kids


It’s very rare when one feels so confident in their team that no matter when their down and whatever inning it may be, you never feel out of a ballgame. This Mets team is as close to as always having that feeling right now.

This team exudes confidence, excitement and more than anything act like a team. The smiles, big hits, celebrations, this team is a team and always seem to pick each other up. At times they almost seem unstoppable, no deficit is to great and no loss carries over, they bounce back and continue on their winnings ways. This teams “no lose” attitude is incredible.

They are hungry, we are hungry, lets keep it going.

Let’s Go Mets!